TOK Essay Samples: What They Are and Where to Find Them

Do you feel like the Theory of Knowledge essay is the hardest assignment in the IB program? You should look at pre-written TOK essay samples to get an idea of how to structure your work.

The internet has hundreds, if not thousands, of pre-written essays. Parts of that collection are essays that question knowledge and explore the extent to which you know what you claim to know. 

In this guide, we give you some TOK essay samples that you can use for inspiration and clarity. The intention is that you get a clear picture of what the essay looks like, so you can write a better piece for the TOK course.

Key Takeaways

  • Learn how to write a TOK essay if you haven’t already.
  • The purpose of the example essays is to give you a clear picture of what counts as a good essay in the ToK course.
  • Note that the samples are for inspirational purposes only. You must NOT download and submit these as your own because that would lead to intellectual theft (plagiarism).

TOK Essay Examples

You can find the best TOK essay samples below. We’ve made these samples available for free download and you might find them useful for reference purposes. 

Acquisition Of Knowledge in ToK

Sample Type: TOK Essay

Length: 1,600 Words

Following Expert Knowledge in ToK

Sample Type: TOK Essay

Length: 1,600 Words

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You must not submit any of these samples to your teacher. Also, you agree that you will not reproduce a part of or all of the content in the document as your own.

Using these samples for a different purpose other than intended is a violation of our terms of service. The implication is that you willingly indemnify us of any loses, penalty, or expulsion caused by irresponsible use of material intended only for reference.

Understanding IB Theory of Knowledge

Every IB student had years of life experiences and education before joining the program. Those experiences tend to evoke opinions, beliefs, and knowledge throughout the course.

However, Theory of Knowledge doesn’t put value on experiences. Instead, the course teaches students to:

  • Become internationally aware, rethink and reevaluate previously trusted sources, and challenging opinions, assumptions, and biases.
  • Focus on the extent to which we know what we claim to know.
  • Develop into more aware individual who look at the world around them in a completely different way.

The TOK course is neither theoretical nor philosophical in structure. While theory and philosophy are subject to consideration, TOK builds on real world experiences. In fact, IB stresses that students should focus on knowledge question (or issues) that directly affect their lives.

To the best of our knowledge, IB’s primary goal is help students that enroll in its program to make sense of their encounter and think differently about knowledge.

What are the Benefits of Learning Theory of Knowledge?

Theory of Knowledge is a solid framework for students who want to study the nature of knowledge. The course examines personal biases and determines whether to reject, revise, or retain them.

Assuming you don’t drop out of IB owing to its difficulty, you should be able to:

  • Look at how groups work together to develop knowledge.
  • Understand the diversity in areas of knowledge and ways of knowing.
  • Examine the complexity of knowledge and become acquainted to it.
  • Make sensible approaches to the construction of knowledge, the world, academic disciplines.

TOK teaches you about the need to act responsibly in an interconnected by uncertain world. Once you understand that knowledge requires responsibility, you can easily appreciate the value of commitment and action to knowledge.

In the end, you become a more aware student who can acquire and apply knowledge with awareness and credibility.

How do Teachers Assess Theory of Knowledge?  

IB will have you assessed for the TOK course, but it’s not in the form of an exam. You’ll do two assignments, and they’re as follows:

  • Work on a Theory of Knowledge essay based on a prescribed title.
  • Complete a TOK exhibition project, which replaces the presentation assignment.

The purpose of the TOK exhibition project is to assess if you can apply TOK thinking to real life situations.

While the essay can take a conceptual approach, it must not be more than 1,600 words long. And remember, the essay accounts for 67% of your final grades.

How Long Does It Take to Write The Essay?

From choosing a title and developing a knowledge question to creating an outline and constructing arguments, a lot of work goes into writing a ToK level 7 essay.

However, it’s upon you to decide how much time you want to spend on this assignment.

If you’ve invested your time in research and developed your thoughts before the writing phase, you could get the essay completed in one night.

Unfortunately, writing the essay in 24 hours isn’t as easy if you have other assignments waiting for you. Therefore, plan your schedule accordingly. Develop a concrete study plan that will help you complete all IB assignments on time. The last thing you want is to fall into the trap of last minute rush.  

Is It Legal to Get TOK Writing Help Online? 

There’s nothing wrong with getting online help to complete your TOK assignment. Hundreds of students have gone this route in the past and did quite well in the IB program.

You can click here to get TOK essay help from our platform. Whether you’ve already selected a prescribed title or haven’t started at all, our writing service can take you from a blank page to a complete essay. 

Our team focuses on three important things when it comes to Theory of Knowledge, in-depth research, custom writing, and timely delivery.  

However, there’s a warning.

Our papers are for reference purposes only. Your teacher knows your writing style. So it makes sense to use the essay we deliver to you as a guiding tool to help you write the final draft of the assignment.

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