ToK Exhibition: The Complete Guide for IB Students (2023)

In this guide, we focus on everything you need to know about the ToK Exhibition project.

We’ll look at what it is, what it requires, how it compares to Theory of Knowledge presentation, the exhibition files, the rules for the assignment, and how to get help with the project.

Let’s get started.

Key Takeaways

  • The Exhibition requires you to think as a present-day knower and maintain a strong link to the IB learner profile.
  • The focus of the ToK Exhibition is to examine how Theory of Knowledge manifests itself in the real world.
  • Note that the exhibition project is a replacement for the ToK Presentation, which had been part of the IB curriculum for 10 years.
  • As an IB student, you should be able to link the knowledge learned your classroom to the world around you.

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What is ToK Exhibition?

ToK exhibition is an individual assignment that accounts for 33% of the final Theory of Knowledge grades.

Introduced to the IB program in August 2020, and mandatory for all students enrolled in the diploma program, the exhibition requires you to explore how ToK manifests itself in the real world.

The project replaces the ToK Presentation, and the aim of the change is to introduce relational concepts that enable you link the acquired knowledge to the word around you and beyond.

ToK Exhibition Overview

While Theory of Knowledge exhibition takes the place for the presentation project, there has not been a change on how to write the ToK essay.  

The exhibition project focuses on knowledge and the knower as the foundational theme. Thus, you have to consider yourself a present-day knower and, at the same time, retain a stronger link to your leaner’s profile.

You need to study the themes “knowledge and politics” and “knowledge and technology”. However, these are optional themes in Theory of Knowledge.

Your Theory of Knowledge teacher expects you to complete two assignments to earn the IB diploma. These are:

One thing you need to keep in mind is that ethics plays a critical role in every part of the exhibition project.

Note that you’ll have to complete the exhibition project in the first year of the IB diploma. Therefore, earlier preparation can go a long way to help you score the top marks for the project.

IB Theory of Knowledge Exhibition Requirements

The ToK Exhibition requirements are as follows:

  • Theory of Knowledge is a personal project that requires individual research. You cannot hold group discussion with your peers because your ideas must be independent of your classmates.
  • You have to find three objects that exist in a particular time, and they must have a real-world context.
  • The assignment needs to have an exhibition commentary, which is a description that shows your engagement with concepts you learned in your classroom.

Now that you understand what the exhibition requires, let’s look at how it differs from the presentation project.

ToK Exhibition vs ToK Presentation

ToK Presentation and ToK Exhibition are two unique projects that don’t have elements that overlap.

We strongly recommend that you learn the differences between the two, so you can have a clear picture of what your teacher expects for the Exhibition.

1.Group DiscussionYou can do it alone, in pairs, or in a group of three students.Exhibition is an individual project, as there can’t be an overlap of the selected objects.
2.Project ModerationIB moderates the PPD document externally.Your teacher will score the Exhibition internally and IB will moderate it externally.   
3.Work PresentationStudents present their work based on real-life situations.Students must present their work only based on the context of one of the prescribed IA prompts.
4.AssessmentIt’s part of your ToK assignment. Teachers must review it and determine whether students can communicate their thoughts while delivering the presentation.While the assessment encourages school activities, these aren’t activities are not part of the ToK assessment.

Next, let’s look at a summary of the ToK Exhibition file.

Theory of Knowledge Exhibition File

You need to prepare one file with the content of the project. IB refers to this document as the ToK Exhibition file.

The file, which is marked internally and moderated externally, is your main project. While you’ll give a presentation for this file, you won’t get any grades for it. 

Your ToK Exhibition file must have the following:

  • A self-descriptive title that includes the selected IA prompt
  • Clear images of the three objects
  • A well-written commentary
  • Citations and references, which should be accurate

Keep in mind that the exhibition of your work isn’t part of the formal assessment. As such, it’s up to your ToK teacher to determine the most flexible option for you to display your work. They may accept school held exhibitions, virtual presentations, or classroom based shows.

ToK Exhibition Rules for IB Students

To wrap up this guide, let’s look at a few of the most important rules to observe when working on your exhibition project:

  • The exposition isn’t mandatory for the assessment. The folder that you submit is what IB will assess and grade.
  • Your exhibition file must include the selected IA prompt, a commentary, and the three objects.
  • The exhibition cannot have less or more than three objects.
  • Your commentary should be comprehensive, and it must not exceed 950 words.

By observing these guidelines, you will have an easy time working on an exhibition project that your teacher actually wants to see.

Also, we strongly recommend that you look at the assessment criteria to understand exactly how your teacher will grade your exhibition project before sending it to IBO for external moderation.

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